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Top Breeds of Horses

Breeds of Horses

There are many horse breeds out there that it will take even an entire book to cover them. Horse breeds are based on different purposes, shapes, colors and even sizes. Horses come in various shapes, colors, nationality and purposes and thus it is never easier to determine the best among them. Today there are several horse breeds that have stood out among the equestrian circles despite the extensive competition and the large number of breeds available. These horses are the best breeds and have thus become common. The following are some of the top breeds of horses:


The Arabian horse breed for sometime has been a favorite around the world. The breed hails from the Arabian Peninsula; it is easy to spot it since it has a distinctive head shape with a high proud tail carriage. Arabians are also very pretty with a dished face, less vertebrae making the tail high set. They are hard and crazy to ride. The Arabian is the considered the oldest breed and it is well known for a tough spirit and tough endurance. The breed is commonly used various disciplines including as a saddle seat, dressage and western.


The Thoroughbred breed originated from England during the 17th and the 18th century. The breed is highly spirited and it’s popular for its heart. If you are looking for a fast, strong, and intelligent horse, the thoroughbred offers everything. The breed us indeed marvelous even as it is thought to be hot headed and sometimes pushy. It is also sweet and loving. The breed can be used in different disciples but it is not excellent as a sports horse and is mainly used as hunters and jumpers. They can also be used as mounts for dressage, fox hunting, and even in polo. check it here!

Tennessee Walker

The Tennessee Walker is a likable breed that originates from the Southern parts of United States in the 18th century to be used mainly for farming and in plantations. It is a gaited breed, thus its smooth gaits like the four beat running walk basically make it comfortable in riding for long distances making it preferable for the mount by civil war generals. The Tennessee Walking Horse is known to be strong, calm, and very intelligent hence they can pick up on anything.  Today, the breed is mostly used as show horses and even as pleasure mounts.

Quarter Horse

Breeds of HorsesIt is the most popular American breed in the United States and its American Quarter Horse Association has the largest horse breed registry in the globe. The breed is popular as the fastest horse breed over short distances and is both popular for mounts in trail, shows, and in competitions. Commonly they are used for pleasure riding, barrel racing, as hunters, horse racing and even in roping and cutting, read more from


The Andalusian is a Spanish breed that originated from the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century. The breed is better known as a war horse and as a prize for the nobility. It has long and thick manes,  and long tails. It is strong, elegant and very compact. It is mainly grey or bay. They are used today for dressage, saddle seat, jumping and driving

There are other good, strong and likeable horse breeds, but the above are today’s most common and favorite breeds.