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Modern Day Horse Farms

modern horses

Modern horses have evolved as in regard to what they do for a living. All around the world, horses’ farms have redefined on how they use their horses. Horses are great animals and pets that were renowned for being used in war, transport, and in doing manual work. Over time, with advances in technology pulling horse farms away from sending their horses to war or used for transport and mother activities. Today, horses are being used for different things away from their traditional activities. The following are some of the ways how horse farms use their horses and how they relate to people.


In the United States alone, there are more than 9.2 million horses today and around 4 million of them are used as recreational horses in various horse farms and homes. Modern horse farms are selling and donating many horses to individuals to keep as pets. Many individuals today, especially the middle class to the wealthy, own horses as pets. At the same time, horse farms have developed recreational parks and centers that are used in riding horses non-competitively and for recreational purposes. Holiday events and activities are commonly organized by horse farms where horses are rode for fun.


Of the more than 9.2 million horses currently in the United States about 2.8 million are used for show business. Modern horse farms organize and participate in horse show activities. Show activities include non-racing disciplines. In this case, riding is done in dressage, for hunting, eventing, saddle seat, hunting, and jumping. Other show activities involved include riding and even polo whereby driving is an act of tremendous horsemanship. Modern horse farms have engaged commonly in this show activities as a form of raising money or as an act of horsemanship. visit today!


modern horsesHorse racing is a modern phenomenon today. Horse farms have specialized in developed strong, fast and pretty horse that can participate in horse racing events and competition. Due to the large amount of income associated with racing in the form of gambling proceeds, winnings, and trophies, horse farms have enhanced the breeding fees and selling prices of horses.

Traditional work

Some of the modern horse farms engage in a variety of traditional horse activities. Horses are involved in working on farms, plantations, cities, ranches, and forests. Ranching and farm work includes ploughing, pulling equipment, and rodeo, hauling, working cattle and carrying packs.  City work would involve the pulling of carriages or cart and especially police work. Hence, horse provide income to horse farms by carrying this activities

Today, more than 20% of horse farms are involved in farm and ranching horse breeding.  Even with advancing technology, horses are still relevant as they participate in various activities hence the continuous prominence of horse farms. Horse farms provide the breeding capacity for horses and prepare horses to the various activities they will undertake in their lives. Evidently, it is important that modern horse farms continue breeding farms towards meeting the demand for horses and within the changes in the purpose of horses. see more from this post!