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Miniature Horses as Pets


Miniature horses can make wonderful pets. While some people may consider horses as part of livestock, others consider horses as a companion. Miniature horses have for some time now been considered as companions. Today, horses are treated more than just a carrier and for other purposes such as war horses in the past and are treated more as pets.  Miniature horses have and height of between 34 and 38 inches and are recognized from their young age as companion animals. read top article!

Miniature horses are easy to manage and adopt. If you are looking to adopt a miniature horse there are many alternatives available for you including buying one from a horse rescue organization, from an auction,  an individual owner, and even on the Internet. The cost of adopting a miniature horse is low and it is easy to maintain. Even so, the general maintenance of a miniature horse is almost identical to that of full-sized horses and the only major difference being the size. Issues just like vaccinations, hoof care, feeding, dental care, and even housing is almost similar to that of full size horses. They are also face the same illness and diseases and even risk factors

horsesThe good thing about them is that you can train them to stay in your home as they are very intelligent and can easily be house broken like dogs. Ideally miniature horses do not prefer living outdoors as they are basically indoor animals. The horse will have the freedom to move in and out of the house and it will be your preference in having the miniature in the house or not. The only thing you will have to watch around is the refrigerator.  They are able to learn very fast and can help themselves. Miniature horses should be around to take so much food that is meant for the humans as they are just like kids hence they love soda  pop, breakfast cereals, candy, and even apples hence they should not have so much of it.

Before adopting a miniature horse it is essential to have the welfare of the horse at heart.  First you need to determine whether you have sufficient space for the horse whereby at least an half an acre of space and pastureland for the horse. Even as the miniature horses are so cute and even so cuddy, it is really still like any other horse and it will need natural food and the right nutrition to stay health. Grass, water, mineral salt, and other nutritional supplements will be a requirement. An occasional bath would also be important as you would want your horse to be clean and not smelly. visit now!

Sometimes you may consider adopting another miniature horse when you have one to accompany it. Even as it will have you as a companion sometimes it can be lonely and will need its very horse. In the end, when considering adopting a miniature horse as a bet, it is important that you consult animal veterinarian, become familiar of the common requirements and most of all be committed to taking care of it.