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Monthly Archive: August 2017

I Survived the Great Eclipse of 2017

I usually hate all the planning that goes into a vacation getaway. This year was different, and I just had the best stay of my life. I went to South Carolina to see the Total Eclipse on August 21, and it was worth the miles I traveled to experience it. I used Groupon and Priceline to plan my trip, and together, they make quite a team. My daughter has been using Priceline for years but I wasn’t that familiar with it. I’d seen it pop up with suggestions flights, but I had no interest in Orlando. It seems all companies try to steer you there. I had heard that it’s best to book a flight about 7 weeks in advance. Using that as a guideline I planned a flight with Priceline. They offer low fares to the most popular destinations. I also booked the rental car, hotel room and found a great place to see a concert on the site. So within a few minutes, I had the trip all set.


After months of planning, it looked like heavy clouds would ruin the experience for us. As the time approached for the eclipse, there was not a clear spot in the sky. The entire area was a mass of huge fluffy, gray looking clouds, as fluffy as mashed potatoes.   Still, we donned our special viewing glasses and headed outside to await the eclipse. We were nearly disappointed. As the sky got darker and darker, we noticed animals and birds flying around and acting strangely. Then I looked up and there was a small opening in the clouds, and at that moment, the moon was visible as it neared totality. We cried out in awe and surprise, “there it is, do you see it!” All the phases the scientists described were visible through that tiny opening. The corona, the wedding ring, and the dark sky.


It was awesome to see the moon glide across the sun in a spectacular show, and we got to take it all in. Had I not booked my travel through Priceline, I would have missed the celestial event of the season. It was very easy to use, and by using a Groupon, I saved a great deal. What I loved most was booking the car, hotel and some local attractions sights from one website. I won’t have the chance to experience another eclipse like that one again, but I’ll sure book my travel using Groupon and Priceline from now on.